At the International Energy Forum in Algeria, September 2016


The International Energy Forum (IEF) celebrated the 25th anniversary of the producer-consumer dialogue at the 15th Session of the IEF Ministerial Dialogue (IEF15) hosted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria in Algiers on 26-28 September 2016.

The International Energy Forum (IEF) provides the world’s largest neutral platform for open and inclusive energy dialogue among and between the 72 IEF member governments and a multitude of IOC-NOC industry stakeholders. The IEF also facilitates dialogue among international organizations to help enhance policy cooperation and strengthen the governance of energy markets globally. At the forefront of this effort is the trilateral programme of work established between the IEF and the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Following a period of significant decline in energy prices and subsequent investment short-falls which have increased market turbulence and uncertainties in short and medium term energy outlooks, the over-arching theme chosen for the IEF15 Ministerial was “Global Energy Transition: an enhanced role for the dialogue”. The Energy Transition theme was chosen to act as a catalyst to help enable an orderly energy transition that works for all IEF stakeholders in recognition of the successful conclusion of the “UN Sustainable Development Agenda to 2030” and the “Paris Agreement” that look set to influence longer-term energy market developments.

Dialogue among IEF15 Delegations gathered in Algiers took place in 4 Plenary Sessions dedicated to:

  • Oil Markets: Outlook and the stability challenge
  • Natural gas: challenges for the industry, the LNG chain and implications for market structure
  • Renewables and energy efficiency: prospects and challenges after COP21
  • Energy governance: global energy dialogue revisited

And 2 Parallel Roundtables focused on sustainable energy access and the importance of technology in global energy security.

106 Official Delegations took part in the IEF15 Ministerial. Delegations from 51 IEF countries, of which 35 were represented by Ministers or Deputy Ministers, 15 International Organizations, of which 10 were represented at Head of Organization level, 34 Major Energy Companies, of which 15 were represented by their CEO, and a multitude of senior officials filled the plenary room to its 1000 seat capacity at the opening of the Forum.

In addition to the structured informal dialogue sessions, delegations engaged in several hundred bilateral meetings and informal network opportunities provided under the umbrella of the IEF’s unique and neutral platform, graciously hosted on this occasion by IEF15 Host Country, Algeria.